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Donating Runescape Accounts

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Donating Runescape Accounts Empty Donating Runescape Accounts

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:48 pm

Ok hey guys this is a new thing we start we are now taking donated runescape accounts. To Ensure that we Are Not Scamming We Will Hold the Account for 1 Month in that time period you can Ask For You account back at any time this is the Points You Can Recieve.

Level 3+ Rs Account 45-65 Points Depending... On what it has on it.
Level 50+ RS Account: 100 points.
Level 80+ RS Account: 400 points.
Level 100+ RS Account: 900 points.
Level 120+ RS Account: 2000 points

That Is How Many Points you can Recieve.


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