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Trading nd stuff

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Trading nd stuff Empty Trading nd stuff

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 30, 2010 5:10 pm

Here are a few examples to start you guy's off:


Title: Buying Saradomin Sword
Text: Hi, I'm buying a SS for NO TRADING ON DEFIANCESCAPEB! price. Contact me in game.
(something like that)


Title: Selling Mint Cake!
Text: Hi, selling one mint cake for 5m. Contact me ingame.
(something like that)


Title: Borrowing Dragon Long Sword!
Text: Borrowing Dragon long for 2gp for 24hrs. Contact me ingame.
(something like that, these are just examples)


Title: Lending DDS!
Text: Lending dds 50k 1hr pm me in game.
(something like that)

Have fun! If i hear anything about scamming or something you will be banned for 2-5 days from forum with possible ip ban

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